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1000+ OSCE stations
Our collection of OSCE stations is constantly expanding.
Create your own OSCE stations
Use our OSCE station creator tool to author and share your own stations for free.
Virtual patients
Chat with 300+ AI-powered virtual patients.
Interactive checklists
Our interactive checklists and timer make scoring a station easy.
OSCE circuits
Combine OSCE stations into circuits and easily share them with friends.
Group practice
Easily assign roles to group members, even those who haven't purchased access to our stations.
Doctor examining a patient

OSCE station examples

Oral cavity examination 01

A 17-year-old has presented with throat pain. Ple…

Vascular system anatomy 01

This station tests the candidate's knowledge of t…

Dermatology spotter 43

Please describe the image of skin pathology using…

Coagulation screen interpretation 01

A 15-year-old girl is found to have deranged coag…

OSCE Stations

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Researcher next to a lab table

OSCE Stations

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